Board of Directors

An election for Board of Directors will be held at the District’s offices at 301 E. Pierce, Harlingen Texas 78550. The deadline to file for candidacy is January 15, 2020. To be qualified for election as a director, a person must be a resident of the state, be the owner of record of fee simple title to land in the District, be at least 18 years of age, and owe no delinquent taxes or assessments to the District. Additional information can be found at

Name Title Bio Contact
Harvey Adams President HID board since January 24, 1990. (956) 423-7015
Levi Burns Member HID Board since January 8,  2020. (956) 423-7015
Rick Guerrero Secretary HID Board since March 7, 1990. (956) 423-7015
Sam Morrow Member HID Board since May 12, 2010. (956) 423-7015
Leonard Simmons Member HID Board since May 25, 2005. (956) 423-7015
Alan Ozuna Attorney Since 2017 (210) 317-4308
Tom McLemore General Manager General Manger since January 2016 (956) 423-7015